Southern California Wildfires December 2017
12/18/2017 2:00:00 PM
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Over the weekend, firefighters continued to attack the Thomas Fire, which has now burned more than 270,000 acres, destroyed 1,024 structures, and is currently the third largest fire in California history. The blaze has been burning for two weeks and is still only 45% contained, due to conditions in Southern California that are conducive to burning. Stronger-than-expected winds pushed the fire into coastal communities of Santa Barbara County over the weekend; the Thomas Fire has destroyed homes in Montecito and threatens others there. Weather conditions continue to be unfavorable for fighting the fire, as rain is not expected in the upcoming weeks.

ALERT™ subscribers can now download a Touchstone®-ready GeoMAC shapefile of the perimeter for the Thomas Fire from the Downloads tab. Touchstone 5.0 and 5.1 users can import this shapefile as a map layer to assess impacts.

In Touchstone 5.1, Geospatial Analytics Module users can now view web map layers directly from organizations such as USGS, which include up-to-date spatial data (and historical data) to view within Touchstone. In addition to the shapefile, AIR is providing downloadable instructions on how to access the USGS web map layer within Touchstone 5.1 so that clients can view the perimeter as it is updated by the USGS.

Southern California Wildfires December 2017
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